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Name Description
bf_test bf_test
FuSCoMT-BalticHLT Searching for the Best Translation Combination Across All Possible Variants
Images Compare translations with and without images
IWSLT experiments dd
JSALT-MT-data, dev JSALT-MT-data, dev
KFTT Kyoto Free Translation Task
mmttest mmttest
MWE NMT En-Lv NMT experiments with multi-word expressions for English - Latvian
Sp-En Sp-En
Sp-En 2 Spanish to English, source - Grossman`s
Task1-MMT Comparison of all submissions
Task1-MMT-val Validation set MMT
Task1-MMT2 MMT comparison
tecto-nmt Tecto NMT
test this is a test
wheelie wheelie
WMT newstest2013 EN->DE for NMT experiments with tensor2tensor Transformer