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Name Description
bf_test bf_test
FuSCoMT-BalticHLT Searching for the Best Translation Combination Across All Possible Variants
Images Compare translations with and without images
IWSLT experiments dd
KFTT Kyoto Free Translation Task
mmttest mmttest
MWE NMT En-Lv NMT experiments with multi-word expressions for English - Latvian
Sp-En Sp-En
Sp-En 2 Spanish to English, source - Grossman`s
Task1-MMT Comparison of all submissions
Task1-MMT-val Validation set MMT
Task1-MMT2 MMT comparison
tecto-nmt Tecto NMT
test this is a test
WMT newstest2013 EN->DE for NMT experiments with tensor2tensor Transformer